Wade Hampton Chaney
Granville Hawkins Chaney

Sons of Robert and Obedience (Ray) Chaney
of Overton County, Tennessee

In 1860 Waid Chaney and Granville Chaney appear in the Census of Carroll County, Arkansas.

1860  ARKANSAS, Carroll County
Page 888            Waid H. Cheney      35 m                    Tenn.
                            Elizabeth   22 f                    Ark.
Osage Twp                   James M.     2 m                    Ark.
                            Nancy     1/12 f                    Ark.

1860  ARKANSAS, Carroll County
Page 853           Granville Chaney     24 m                    Tenn.
                            Malinda     22 f                    Tenn.
Jackson Twp                 Nancy E.     2 f                    Ark.
                            Joseph W. 3/12 m                    Ark.

They appear to be Waid (Wade) Hampton Chaney and Granville Hawkins "Marion" Chaney, sons of Robert and Obedience (Ray) Chaney of Overton County, Tennessee. They are apparently the sons of Robert Chaney of Overton County, Tennessee. (Robert is most likely a descendant of Francis and Sarah (Aurich) of Randolph County, North Carolina, although further evidence is needed.)   Comparison of earlier census records in Tennessee tend to verify this:

1850  TENNESSEE, Overton County
Page 60/31          Chany, Robert       47 m  Farmer            KY
410/411                    Obedience    42 f                    VA
5th Dist                   Waidhampton  22 m                    TN
19 Sep                     James        21 m                    TN
                           Frances      20 f                    TN
                           Granville    15 m                    TN
                           Benjamin     13 m                    TN
                           Rebeca       10 f                    TN
                           John          3 m                    TN

 There is little doubt that this is the same family group that appears in the 1830 and 1840 Overton Co. census:

1840  Tennessee, Overton County---compared with converted 1850 data
          Robert Cheney    1 male   30-und. 40   Robert      37 m
                           1 female 30-und. 40   Obedience   32 f
                           2 males  10-und. 15   Waidhampton 12 m
                                                 James       11 m
                           1 female  5-und. 10   Frances     10 f
                           1 male    5-und. 10   Granville    5 m
                           1 male    under   5   Benjamin     3 m

1830  TENNESSEE  Overton County---compared with converted 1850 data
Page 206, line 17:
          Robert Chany     2 males under 5       Waidhampton  2
                                                 James        1
                           1 male  20-30         Robert      27
                           1 female  20-30       Obedience   22
                           1 female  70-80       (unknown)

Note:  Wade Hampton (c1752-1835), of Virginia, was a colonel in the American Revolutions.  During the era of the War of 1812 he was a brigadier general (1809), then, major general (1813).  He was held responsible for the failure of the U.S. expedition against Montreal (1813) and resigned (1814.)  His grandson, also named Wade Hampton, was a Confederate officer in the Civil War and a governor of South Carolina in the 1870s.  Many parents of the era named sons for one Wade Hampton or the other since the names appear rather frequently.

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