John Canady
of North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama
Family Group

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    He was born in North Carolina. He may be the John Canady who was later living in Georgia and associated with Caleb, Lillis, and Jane Scarlett Canady although any relationship is yet to be proven. However, they seemed to have moved together and are usually found living in the same vicinity. Most likely the members of the group are related. They could be siblings and/or cousins. There were several John Canady's (or John Kennedy) recorded in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. They have not all been individually identified. This has caused much confusion especially since the names were recorded in various versions. The name has been recorded as Canady, Cannady, Canada, Canaday, and variations of Kennedy.  However, the family Bible registry pages show that CANADY was the spelling the family used.
     John married Elizabeth in Baldwin County, Georgia, in 1812 where his name was recorded as John Kennedy. Tax records show a John "Kennady" or "Kenady" living near Samuel Kirkpatrick, father of Elizabeth, which suggests that this might be him. Further investigation is required before any definite conclusions can be made. John and his family moved to Alabama between 1834 and 1837. They settled in Macon County sometime between June 1834 when a child was born in Georgia and August 1837 when their next child was born in Alabama.
     The Canady's were faithful members of the Methodist Church and were ready to support any and all worthwhile things in their community. They attended and encouraged camp meetings which were held near their home. According to Franklin Shackleford Moseley, a Canady descendant, the Canady's lived near Little Texas Campground which occupied an important place in community life. Camp meetings, sometimes a week long, were highly anticipated. The meetings were held once or twice a year in good weather since most roads were difficult to travel in bad weather. The meetings were the only church services that many people got to attend because very few churches, especially those in remote districts, could afford a full-time pastor. In the early days people would come from miles around bringing their families and food. They would set up camp on the grounds and do their own cooking and other duties between sermons. The sermons sometimes began in the morning in the church and lasted until dark with only a break at noon for lunch. Young men often came to the meetings to see the girls rather than to hear the sermons. They would loiter outside the church and, after a bit too much gin, break into fights over the girls. There were times when fights evolved into gunplay and death.

Click here to see a annotated transcription of the family Bible that was published in TAP ROOTS QUARTERLY, Vol. 3, No. 1 July 1965 by the Genealogical Society of East Alabama, Inc.

Birth: 12 Jul 1787 NC.
Death: 21 Aug 1852 Society Hill, Macon Co., AL.
Marriage: 02 Jan 1812 Baldwin Co., GA.
Burial: a 21 Aug 1852 Macon Co., AL.

Birth: 20 Jan 1795 GA.
Death: 28 Feb 1876 Pintlala, Montgomery Co., AL.
Burial: a 28 Feb 1876 Montgomery Co., AL.
Father: Samuel KIRKPATRICK Sr. (1765-1826)
Mother: Mary (--?--) (1773-1840)


1/M James C. CANADY
Birth: 11 Jan 1814 GA.
Marriage: 04 Feb 1839 Sarah Caroline FERGUSON; Oswichee, Russell Co., AL.
Dau: 18 Mar 1840 Susan M. CANADY
Son: 16 Jul 1842 John Robert CANADY
Dau: 20 Dec 1843 Elizabeth CANADY
Son: 24 Dec 1844 James P. CANADY
Son: 28 Jul 1845 Samuel A. CANADY
Death: 12 Nov 1850

2/M Samuel Kirkpatrick CANADY
Birth: 14 Dec 1815 GA.
Marriage: c __ ___ 1840 (--?--) (--?--) ( -1847)
Son: 23 Sep 1841 John W. CANADY
Son: 15 Apr 1845 Samuel P. CANADY
Son: 17 Jan 1847 James R. CANADY
Marriage: 07 Oct 1847 Flora Amanda FERGUSON; Russell Co., AL.
Son: 19 Jul 1849 Robert Alexander CANADY
Death: 07 Aug 1850

3/M John CANADY [KENNEDY]Jr. (He adopted the Kennedy name in mid-life)
Birth: 25 Nov 1817 GA.
Marriage: 19 Apr 1839 Sarah Ann CHAPMAN (1822-1897); Russell Co., AL.
Dau: 16 Mar 1840 Susan KENNEDY
Dau: 28 Dec 1842 Mary Elizabeth KENNEDY; Macon Co., AL.
Son: 28 Jul 1845 Samuel Allen KENNEDY; Macon Co., AL.
Dau: 12 Jun 1848 Nancy Ann KENNEDY; AL.
Son: 25 Nov 1850 John J. KENNEDY
Dau: 14 May 1853 Orissey KENNEDY; AL.
Son: 11 Jan 1856 James L. KENNEDY; Macon Co., AL.
Son: 27 Dec 1858 Thomas KENNEDY; AL.
Son: 01 May 1863 Zanly KENNEDY; LA.
Dau: 07 Oct 1867 Sarah KENNEDY; LA.
Death: 21 Dec 1896

Birth: 16 Dec 1819 GA.
Death: b __ ___ 1827

5/F Elizer CANADY
Birth: 16 Oct 1821 Baldwin Co., GA.
Marriage: 25 Dec 1837 Joseph J. TAYLOR ( -1876); Russell Co., AL.
Son: 30 Mar 1839 Richard Monroe TAYLOR
Dau: 30 Jan 1841 Elizabeth R. TAYLOR
Dau: 13 Nov 1842 Mary Ann TAYLOR; AL.
Death: 24 Dec 1847 Society Hill, Macon Co., GA.
Burial: a 24 Dec 1847 Macon Co., AL.

6/F Sarah Ann CANADY
Birth: 04 Jul 1825 GA.
Death: 24 Dec 1829

7/F Nancy CANADY
Birth: 22 Aug 1827 GA.
Marriage: 01 May 1843 Mathew BLACKSTOCK; Macon Co., AL.
Marriage: 17 Dec 1846 John A. SHELL (1823- ); Macon Co., AL.
Dau: c __ ___ 1850 Martha SHELL
Son: c __ ___ 1851 John A. SHELL; Macon Co., GA.
Son: 22 Oct 1853 William H. SHELL; Macon Co., AL.
Son: __ Jun 1856 Warren Edward SHELL; Macon Co., AL.
Son: c __ ___ 1858 Charles A. SHELL; Macon Co., AL.
Son: c __ ___ 1859 Eli A. SHELL
Son: __ Jan 1861 Harvey SHELL; Macon Co., AL.
Marriage: 25 Oct 1865 William MCGUIRE; Macon Co., AL.
Son: a __ ___ 1865 Mosely MCGUIRE
Death: __ ___ 1914 Girard, Macon Co., AL.
Burial: __ ___ 1914 Russell Co., AL.

8/F Elizabeth CANADY
Birth: 24 Mar 1830 GA.
Marriage: 20 Nov 1852 John J. JOPLIN (1820- ); Macon Co., AL.
Death: 07 Oct 1865 Lowndes Co., AL.

9/F Mary Ann CANADY
Birth: 22 Feb 1832 Baldwin Co., GA.
Marriage: __ ___ 1858 Alexander Bowen MCPHERSON (1816-1864)
Son: 14 Oct 1859 John Calhoun MCPHERSON; Lowndes Co., AL.
Son: 11 Sep 1861 Daniel Webster MCPHERSON; Lowndes Co., AL.
Dau: 31 Mar 1863 Elizabeth Jane MCPHERSON; Hayneville, Lowndes Co., AL.
Death: 17 Aug 1924 Letohatchie, Lowndes Co., AL.
Burial: a 17 Aug 1924 Oakwood, Montgomery Co., AL.

10/M Thomas Jefferson CANADY
Birth: 30 Jun 1834 GA.
Marriage: 24 Sep 1857 Emily Henrietta KYSER (1837-1886), daughter of George
Washington KYSER
and Elizabeth (--?--); Lowndes Co., AL.
Son: 14 Nov 1858 John James CANADY; AL.
Son: 15 Jun 1860 Francis Marion CANADY; AL.
Dau: 28 May 1866 Lula Elizabeth CANADY; AL.
Son: 24 Dec 1872 William Jefferson CANADY; Robertson Co., TX.
Marriage: a __ ___ 1886 Lucy Lewis GARY (1858-1939); TX.
Dau: 23 May 1888 Bertha Beulah CANADY; Bremond, Robertson Co., TX.
Son: 01 Mar 1890 Ennis Raymond CANADY; Bremond, Robertson Co., TX.
Dau: __ Sep 1891 Marsette B. CANADY; Bremond, Robertson Co., TX.
Death: 07 Dec 1892 Robertson Co., TX.
Burial: a 07 Dec 1892 Robertson Co., TX.

11/F Martha Jane CANADY
Birth: 22 Aug 1837 Society Hill, Macon Co., AL.
Marriage: 27 Nov 1856 Adkin McLemore MOSELEY (1828- ), son of Anderson Wade
MOSELEY and Rebecca MCLEMORE; Society Hill, Macon Co., AL.
Dau: 29 Oct 1858 Julia Elizabeth MOSELEY; Hayneville, Lowndes Co., AL.
Dau: 12 Feb 1859 Susan Anne MOSELEY; Hayneville, Lowndes Co., AL.
Dau: 20 Oct 1861 Martha Turner MOSELEY; Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co., AL.
Dau: 26 Aug 1863 Mary Frances MOSELEY; Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co., AL.
Dau: 29 Jan 1865 (Infant daughter) MOSELEY; Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co., AL
Son: 26 Nov 1867 Anderson William MOSELEY; Pintlala, Montgomery Co., AL.
Dau: 08 Jan 1870 Lula Jane MOSELEY; Pintlala, Montgomery Co., AL.
Son: 27 Feb 1872 Franklin McLemore MOSLEY; Pintlala, Montgomery Co., AL.
Death: 03 May 1888 Pintlala, Montgomery Co., AL.

12/M William J. CANADY
Birth: 17 Oct 1840 Macon Co., AL.
Death: 15 May 1864

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