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Family Snapshots
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Maudie Ruth Canady Chaney

Photographs of Maudie Ruth Canady, her Parents & Grandparents

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Early pictures of Maudie Ruth Canady
in Jones Prairie, Milam County, Texas

Maudie Ruth, 1911.   Maudie Ruth with Annie Lee
          Maudie Ruth Canady - 1911                      Maudie Ruth with Annie Lee - c1921

Maudie Ruth class photo. 1921
Maudie Ruth, second row, fourth from right, with her school class - c1921

Left:  Snapshot taken in 1924 when the family traveled from Milam County to Brown County to visit her mother's family.  Back Row (L-R), Maudie Ruth, Leonard Crook, Laura Emily, Quimby Ely Childers.  Front Row (L-R)  ___, ___, ___, Annie Lee.

Right:  Maudie Ruth - 1924

Maudie Ruth Canady's parents

William Jefferson "Jeff" Canady

Sallie Elizabeth "Lizzie" Damron
Left: with Laura Emily Canady & Newton Campbel Canady

Paternal Grandparents

  Thomas Jefferson "Tom" Canady                     Emily Henrietta Kyser         

Maternal Grandparents

Left:  James Thomas "Tom"  Damron & Laura Providence Saye - 1924
Right:  James Thomas "Tom" Damron - 1924

Photographs of Maudie Ruth Canady & her siblings

Family group of William Jefferson "Jeff" Canady

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