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James Thomas Damron
son of John Henry Damron & Mary Elizabeth Melugin

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He was born in Missouri just before his family moved to Savoy, Fannin County, Texas, where he grew up. He seems to have been named for James Thomas Addleton, Sr., the first husband of Hulda Majors Damron. Tom married Laura Saye in 1875 and by 1880 they were living in Cooke County, Texas. In 1886, they moved to Brown County, Texas, at the same time as his father and step-mother. They settled on a farm near Zephyr where they were to live the rest of their lives. (One of their granddaughters, Maudie Ruth Canady, daughter of Sallie Elizabeth "Lizzie," remembers two trips from her parents' home in Milam County to visit her grandparents near Zephyr. The later trip, from which photographs survive, would have been in the early 1920's.) Laura died in the home of her daughter, Allie, and was buried in Zephyr where Tom would also be buried. Their son, Pascal, sold the family farm after Tom's death.

Subject: James Thomas Damron
Birth:           29 Jul 1852   Missouri.
Marriage:     22 Jul 1875   Bonham, Fannin Co., Texas.
Death:          2 Apr 1934   Zephyr, Brown Co., Texas.
Burial:        __ Apr 1934   Zephyr Cemetery, Zephyr, Brown Co., Texas.
Probate:      18 Apr 1934   Brown Co., Texas.
Father:    John Henry Damron       (b. 14 Aug 1826, d.  6 Nov 1917)
Mother:  Mary Elizabeth Melugin (b. 26 Jan 1829, d. 12 Oct 1870)

Spouse: Laura Providence Saye
Birth:             5 Apr 1857   Greene Co., Missouri(She was prossibly born in Greene Co., but has
                                                 not been definitely established).

Death:         15 Nov 1931   Zephyr, Brown Co., Texas.
Burial:         __ Nov 1931   Zephyr Cemetery, Zephyr, Brown Co., Texas.
Probate:        21 Jan 1933   Brown Co., Texas.
Father:    Dr. William Robberson Saye (b. 27 Nov 1820, d. 7 May 1906)
Mother:  Elizabeth Jane Mitchell           (b.  3 Mar 1825, d. 1 Mar 1911)

Nine Known Children:

Dau:  Ida Rebecca Damron
Birth:            14 Jan 1879   Texas.
Marriage 1:  28 Dec 1899   Marion Young Childers (d. 4 Nov 1905; Brown Co., Texas.)
Son:          11 Mar 1901   William Young Childers
Son:          23 Nov 1903   Quimby Ely Childers
Son:          circa     1904   Richard V. Childers
Marriage 2:  after   1905   Douglas Rainkins
Death:          17 Apr 1924   Brown Co., Texas.

Son:      John W. Damron
Birth:           20 Mar 1881
Death:          14 Jun 1888

Dau:  Emmie Joe Damron
Birth:           29 Sep 1883
Death:           20 Jul 1884

Son:       Wesley A. Damron
Birth:           18 Sep 1885   Texas.
Death:         14 Dec 1888   Texas.
Burial:         __ Dec 1888   Zephyr Cemetery, Zephyr, Brown Co., Texas.

Dau:  Lillian Petrous Damron
Birth:               9 Jul 1889   Brown Co., Texas.
Marriage:    15 Nov 1909   W. W. Tucker Hinson; Zephyr, Brown Co., Texas.
                            (Their marriage was recorded in a clipping from unidentified
                             newspaper with 1909 penciled in).

Son:          circa 1918    Carson Snyder Hinson; Texas.
Son:        __ ___ ____   Willie Jay Hinson
Death:        15 Nov 1946   Texas.

Dau: Alice Routh Damron
Birth:            3 Aug 1891   Texas.
Marriage:     27 Sep 1916   Calvin Kinnith McKinzie (b. 8 Jun 1891, d. 24 Mar 1965), son of
                            John Kinnith McKinzie and Ellen Eliza Edwards; Brown Co., Texas.

Son:          12 Mar 1918   Kinnith Pascal McKenzie; Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas.
Death:        17 Oct 1971   Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas  (Tombstone inscription).
Burial:       __ Oct 1971   Zephyr Cemetery, Zephyr, Brown Co., Texas.

Son:      Pascal Campbell Damron
Birth:           12 Mar 1894   Brown Co., Texas.
Marriage:     12 Mar 1915   Nellie Jewell Blake (b. 24 Oct 1897, d. Mar 1994)Brown Co., Texas.
Dau:     19 Jun 1922   Clota Mae Damron; Zephyr, Brown Co., Texas.
Dau:     28 Apr 1929   Clifford Faye Damron; Santa Anna, Coleman Co., Texas.
Dau:     26 Dec 1931   Nellie Jewell Damron; Graham, Young Co., Texas.
Death:         10 Sep 1958   Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., New Mexico.
Burial:         __ Sep 1958   Oak Grove Cemetery, Graham, Young Co., Texas.

Son:      (--?--) Damron
Death:        12 Mar 1894

Dau: Sallie Elizabeth Damron
Birth:           16 Apr 1877   Brown Co., Texas.
Marriage:     14 Dec 1894   William Jefferson Canady (b. 24 Dec 1872, d. 23 Mar 1942), son of Thomas Jefferson Canady and Emily Henrietta Kyser; Brown Co., Texas.
Son:            5 Jan 1896   Orval Thomas Canady; Brown Co., Texas.
Son:         26 Mar 1897   William Ivy Canady; Brown Co., Texas.
Son:          18 Feb 1899   Newton Campbell Canady; Brown Co., Texas.
Dau:          12 Sep 1901   Laura Emily Canady; Robertson Co., Texas.
Son:         24 May 1904   Lynn Carl Canady; Robertson Co., Texas.
Son:            9 Feb 1907   Vernon Ovit Canady; Robertson Co., Texas.
Dau:            14 Jul 1911   Maudie Alice Ruth Canady; Jones Prairie, Milam Co., Texas.
Dau:           3 Aug 1917    Annie Lee Canady; Jones Prairie, Milam Co., Texas.
Death:           28 Dec 1924   Jones Prairie, Milam Co., Texas.
Burial:           __ Dec 1924   Little River Cemetery, Jones Prairie, Milam Co., Texas.

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