John Henry Damron & Mary Elizabeth Melugin

Photocopies provided by Mariam C. Cropper. These pages appear to be from the same Bible, two pages for births and one for deaths. Since most of the entries in the same hand are not in chronological order, it can be assumed that most were made when the Bible was newly acquired then updated as events required, some deaths in the same hand but mostly by others. (Not shown in exact order. The births appear to be recorded in family groups.)

First Page - Births
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Bible registry page 1

John H. Damron was born August 14th 1826
Mary E. Damron was born January 26th 1829
Sally I. Damron was born October the 10th 1849
James Thos. Damron was born July 29th 1852
William E.K. Damron was born October the 13th 1855
Hulda R. Damron was born Aug the 27th 1857
Joseph H. Damron was [born] November 22nd 1862
John M.W.G. Damron was born November the 8th 1866
Simon A. Damron was born Spt the 5th 1879
Hulda M. Coldiron was born Oct 6th 1803            mother
Elvira Addleton was born June 10th 1831
Dorcas Addleton was born February 6th 1832
Delila Addleton was born April 17th 1834
James Thomas Addleton was born December 12th 1837
Sarah M. Coldiron was born October 22th 1841----\
Susan E. Coldiron born August 2nd 1845-------------- 1/2 sisters & brother
George W. Coldiron was born July 6th 1848--------/
Ellen R. Butler was born December 14th 1861

[Note: All entries are in same hand except Simon A. Damron's entry. A third hand has entered "mother" next to Hulda M. Coldiron's name and "1/2 sisters & brother" next to Sarah, Susan and George Coldiron.  The items are shown in italics and colored red.]

Second Page - Births
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page 2

Wm. W. Butler was born in the year 1836 August the 16
Parthena Jane Butler was born in the year 1840 Oct the 17
James Thomas Butler was born in the year 1859 September the 29
John Davis Butler was born in year 1861 August the 12th
- - - - - - - - - -
Thomas Melugin was born August 25th 1801
Sally Melugin, his wife was born Sept. 13th 1803
Mary E. Melugin was born January 26th 1829
Joseph A. Melugin was born November 30th 1833
Nancy Melugin was born April 7th 1837
Parthena J. Melugin was born October 17th 1840
Louisa M. Melugin was [line missing from copy]
W.H. Green was born Dec 19 1819 and commenced prechin in the year 1844
Sarah Green was born 1818

[The Greens are not identified but seem to be associated with Melugins.]

Third Page - Deaths
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page 3

W W Butler died April 7th 1864
Parthena Jane Butler died February 10th 1867
Thomas Melugin departed this life January 1849
Sally Melugin died July the 26th 1849
Sarah Green departed this life March the -- 1870 in the fifty second year
of her ---
J.T. Butler Departed this life April l5, 1897
Allen Butler died February 8th 1863
Sarah Margaret Coldiron White died December the 8th 1866
William E.K. Damron died January 23rd 1858
James Thomas Addleton died December 31 1851
Hulda Coldiron died December the 21 1864
Mary Melugin Damron departed this life Oct 12 1870
[The items in italics and colored red were added by in another hand.]

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