Lazarus Damron

c1766, Stokes Co., NC - 1829, Cabell Co., VA

2.  Moses Dameron  c 1735, VA - c1812, VA  -- Md. c 1755     3. Aggy Owl
4.  Lazarus Dameron  c 1690, VA – a1748 VA –Md. 1720     5.  Elizabeth Smith
8.  George Dameron Sr.  c 1648 – 1698, VA  --  Md. c 1680     9.  Elizabeth Burbery(?)
16.   Lawrence Dameron  c1615 prob. Suffolk Co., Eng. – c1660 VA  -- Md. b1644     17.  Dorothy (--?--),      - c1691

 Lazarus probably first saw the Big Sandy Valley in Kentucky as a frontier scout in the employ of the Revolutionary Spy Service. During the Revolutionary War, spies were routinely sent west of the Appalachian Mountains to keep track of British and hostile Indian activity. In 1779, Lazarus and James Fraley helped pursue marauding Wyandott Indians in the Big Sandy Valley. That area is located in what is today the border area of Kentucky and West Virginia just below the Ohio River.

In 1789, some Shawnee Indians captured pregnant Jenny Wiley and her infant daughter after scalping Jenny's three other children. During her captivity, Jenny's daughter died and she lost the child she was carrying. Lazarus was one of ten men, led by Mathias Harman, who attempted to rescue her. The party followed the Indians for several days but lost the trail in flood waters of the Levisa Fork and was forced to stop. Harmon decided to build a station where they had to stop. He then began construction of the first blockhouse in eastern Kentucky. Jenny escaped on her own about eleven months after her capture. A dog (evidently a pet acquired during her captivity) tried to follow her. Its barking created too much noise and she had to drive it back. She waded down Little Mud Lick into the Big Mud Lick until she reached Paint Creek. She eventually reached the mouth of a rivulet where she stopped to rest. From that point she followed a trail of wood chips, evidently, fallen from the work of white men's axes. One story has her dreaming of this route to safety. At any rate, she reached John's Creek where she found the men building the blockhouse on the other side of the stream. She called to them and they brought her across. One source reports that it was Lazarus who was on a raft in the creek who brought her to the blockhouse side. Supposedly, the Shawnee Chief, with Jenny's dog, appeared on the banks she had left, beat his chest and called "Honor, Jenny, Honor!" [Most of the Jenny Wiley story is told in a 1979 book by Carol Crowe-Carraco, THE BIG SANDY. University of Kentucky Press, Lexington, KY.]

Following General "Mad" Anthony Wayne's victory at Fallen Timbers in 1794, the area was considered safe for settlement. In 1795, about 75 families were settled in what is now Pike County, Kentucky. Among them was the Damron family. In 1801, Lazarus settled near the mouth of Hurricane Creek in an area later called "Damron's Fort." It isn't known if he actually built the fort or if it was given his name as a prominent frontiersman of the area. He moved to the Big Sandy Valley in 1805 settling five miles below Piketown (Pikeville). ----DAMERON-DAMRON FAMILY NEWSLETTER, v3 p61 & v8 p188.

Lazarus' Family Group Number One

Subject: __ ___ ____ Lazarus Damron; He was named as an heir in father's will. Grayson Co., VA, court records;
Birth: cir __ ___ 1766 Stokes Co., North Carolina.
Marriage: cir __ ___ 1788 Virginia.
Common Law: __ ___ ____ Jane Jarrell (1787-1885); Lazarus possibly did not marry Jane Jarrell.
Death: __ ___ 1829 Cabell Co., Virginia.
Father: Moses Dameron (1735-1812)
Mother: Aggy Owl

Spouse: Nancy Elizabeth Short
Birth: cir __ ___ 1788 Russell Co., Virginia.
Death: __ ___ 1829 Virginia.

Five Children:

1/M Moses Damron
Birth: cir __ ___ 1789 Virginia; He was born in either Russell County or Grayson County.
Marriage: 28 Mar 1811 Mary Preston ( -1835); Floyd Co., Kentucky.
Marriage: 26 Jul 1835 Rebecca Herald (1805- ); Cabell Co., Virginia; Cabell Co., WV, Marriage Index to 1892. Book 1 page 65.
Death: aft __ ___ 1860

2/M Samuel Damron Sr.
Birth: 07 May 1793 near the Clinch River, New Garden, Russell Co., Virginia; although a newspaper
           biographical sketch in the Ceredo (WV) Advance of 1 April 1896 lists the date as 7 May 1794.

Marriage: 14 Nov 1814 Sarah Ratliff (1799-1863); Floyd Co., Kentucky.
Marriage: 16 Jun 1866 Sarah Smith (1818-1882); Lawrence Co., Kentucky.
Divorce: __ ___ 1876 Sarah Smith (1818-1882); Wayne Co., West Virginia.
Death: __ ___ 1889 Wayne Co., West Virginia.
Burial: __ ___ 1889 near his home at the mouth of McComas Creek, Wayne Co., West Virginia.

3/M Richard Damron
Birth: cir __ ___ 1795 Russell Co., Virginia.
Marriage: 06 Jun 1816 Rhoda Fitzgerald ( -1830); Floyd Co., Kentucky.
Marriage: 13 Mar 1821 Phoebe Lowe (1803- ); Lawrence Co., Kentucky.
Death: 20 Dec 1862 Floyd Co., Kentucky.

4/F Anna Damron
Birth: cir __ ___ 1800 Virginia.
Marriage: bef __ ___ 1828 Samuel Porter (1795- )

5/M George Damron
Birth: cir __ ___ 1807
Marriage: 16 Feb 1826 Sarah Preston (1810- ); Lawrence Co., Kentucky.
Marriage: 19 Jun 1866 Fanny Estep; Lawrence Co., Kentucky.
Marriage: 15 Jun 1867 Sarah Ann Vinson; Lawrence Co., Kentucky.
Death: aft __ ___ 1880 He was living with his son, Lace, when the 1880 census was taken.

 Lazarus' Family Group Number Two

Subject: __ ___ ____ Lazarus Damron; He was named as an heir in father's will. Grayson Co., VA, court records;
Birth: cir __ ___ 1766 Stokes Co., North Carolina.
Marriage: cir __ ___ 1788 Nancy Elizabeth Short (1788-1829); Virginia.
Common Law: __ ___ ____ Lazarus apparently did not marry Jane Jarrell.
Death: __ ___ 1829 Cabell Co., Virginia.
Father: Moses Dameron (1735-1812)
Mother: Aggy Owl

Spouse: Jane Jarrell
Birth: cir __ ___ 1787
Death: __ Oct 1885

Five Children

1/M John Jarrell
Birth: 27 May 1806 Russell Co., Virginia.
Marriage: 14 Dec 1827 Elizabeth Brumbley (1811- ); Forks of Big Sandy, Lawrence Co., Kentucky.
Death: 18 Nov 1884 Wayne Co., West Virginia; Another source shows October 1885.

2/F Rachel Jarrell
Birth: __ ___ 1807
Marriage: __ ___ 1833 David Webb (1811-1888); Lawrence Co., Kentucky.
Death: __ ___ 1891

3/F Vashti Jarrell
Birth: cir __ ___ 1815
Marriage: 26 Jul 1835 Samuel V. Damron (1812-1905); Cabell Co., Virginia.

4/M Benjamin Harrison Jarrell Sr.
Birth: cir __ ___ 1820 Virginia.
Marriage: 05 Sep 1839 Dorcas Maynard; Lawrence Co., Kentucky.

5/M Samuel S. Jarrell
Birth: cir __ ___ 1827
Death: 22 Apr 1908 He probably died in Wayne County, West Virginia.
Marriage: __ ___ ____ Malinda Whitten (1821-1893)

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