Jacob Hoosang  1732-1802
Hussung, Hoosong, Housang, Housong, Husong, etc
The Palatinate & Washington County, Pennsylvania
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Jacob Hoosang is included in the passenger list of the ship PHOENIX that arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Rotterdam and "qualified" on 1 October 1754.  The group arriving on the PHOENIX were coming from the Palatinate in what is now part of Germany.  His name appears on a petition in Washington County, Pennsylvania, dated between 1776 and 1780.  He also appears on the earliest tax list of 1784 in Amwell Township, Washington Co., Pennsylvania.

  Birth:          __ ___ 1732 Germany, the Palatinate area.
  Immigratn:  01 Oct 1754 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.
  Misc:            1776-1780 Washington Co., Pennsylvania.
  TaxList:     __ ___ 1784 Amwell Township, Washington Co., Pennsylvania; He appears on the earliest  tax list of 1784 in
                                       Amwell Township, Washington Co., Pennsylvania.

  Misc:         16 Oct 1792 Washington Co., Pennsylvania; He bought 63 acres of land from Luke Brown.
  Misc:         12 Apr 1794 Washington Co., Pennsylvania; Jacob sold the land that he had purchased from Luke Brown in 1792
                                       to Andrew McCracken.

  Will:          21 Dec 1802 Washington Co., Pennsylvania.
  Death:       __ Dec 1802 Washington Co., Pennsylvania.
  Burial: __ ___ ____

Spouse: Elizabeth (--?--)
  Birth: __ ___ ____
  Marriage: __ ___ ____ (--?--) COWEN; Elizabeth's second husband since she mentions her son Isaac Cowen in her will.
  Death: __ ___ ____
  Burial: __ ___ ____

Eight Children

  Birth: __ ___ ____
  Death: __ ___ ____

2/M Christian HOOSONG
  Birth: __ ___ ____
  Death: __ ___ ____

  Birth: __ ___ ____
  Death: __ ___ ____

  Birth: __ ___ ____
  Death: __ ___ ____

5/M Coonrod HUSSUNG
  Birth: __ ___ ____
  Death: __ ___ ____

6/F Elizabeth HOOSONG; According to a newspaper article that appeared in the 19 Jan 1905 issue of THE BOLIVAR FREE PRESS (reprinted in the same paper in March 1931), when Elizabeth died she left 720 descendants! "Her funeral took place during a session of the camp. The long procession consisting mostly of her own children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, formed at the house of Judge D.  M. McLure, where she died, and followed the casket, which was borne on foot to the Camp Ground. As the march began someone started the old song "We Are Traveling to the Grave." Captain Jack Mitchell, a grandson, reported that the song was taken up along the line to form a marvelous tribute to the departed matriarch of the family.

  Birth:       15 Apr 1766 Pennsylvania.
  Marriage:  __ ___ 1781  Morris MITCHELL (1762-1848), son of John MITCHELL &
                                       Sarah MAHURIN
; Washington Co., Pennsylvania.
     Son:         21 Jan 1782       John MITCHELL; Tennessee.
     Son:        11 May 1784      Jacob MITCHELL; Tennessee.
     Son:         19 Oct 1786      Rev. James MITCHELL; Knox Co., Tennessee.
     Daughter:  30 Jan 1789      Rebecca MITCHELL; Tennessee.
     Son:          29 Jan 1791      Abraham MITCHELL; Tennessee.
     Daughter:  11 Feb 1793     Mary MITCHELL; Tennessee.
     Daughter: 19 May 1795     Rhoda Emily MITCHELL; Roane Co., Tennessee.
     Son:         18 Mar 1798      Rev. Jesse MITCHELL; Tennessee.  Md. Providence Norwood.  (See)
     Daughter: 16 Mar 1800      Elizabeth MITCHELL; eastern Tennessee.
     Son:        02 Aug 1802       Stephen MITCHELL; Tennessee.
     Son:         13 Sep 1804       Elijah MITCHELL; Tennessee.
     Son:         11 Mar 1810      Wesley MITCHELL; Tennessee.
     Daughter:   12 Jul 1813      Louisa MITCHELL; Tennessee.
  Death: 04 Aug 1858 Polk Co., Missouri.

7/M Daniel HUSSUNG
  Birth: __ ___ ____
  Death: __ ___ ____

  Birth: __ ___ ____
  Death: __ ___ ___

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