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Samuel was probably born and raised in Maryland. About 1796, he went to the area that was to become, in 1803, Baldwin County, Georgia, where his name is found on surviving tax records. He was known to be very involved in his religion for the last twenty years of his life. When his church was dissolved about ten years before his death, he continued to conduct morning and evening religious activities in his home for his family. Although he could not read, he had someone read the Bible to him and was considered a "serious professor of religion." His newspaper obituary reported that, even on his death bed, he was encouraging his family and neighbors to live religious lives. He was evidently a rather well-to-do man for his will indicates that he could afford to give each of his children a horse, a cow with a calf, a bed and furniture when they married. His will provided that those not yet married would be equally treated. However, he requested that his wife remain a widow or forfeit the estate he left her which was not an uncommon stipulation during the early nineteenth century. ---TAP ROOTS QUARTERLY, volume 3, no. 1, July 1965, pp43-36, Information provided by Elen Fletcher.

Birth: 24 Apr 1765 Maryland.
Marriage: bef __ ___ 1795.  Mary _____
TaxList: __ ___ 1804 Hall Co., Georgia.
TaxList: __ ___ 1810 Brown District,, Baldwin Co., Georgia.
TaxList: __ ___ 1815 Baldwin Co., Georgia.
Will: bef 07 Mar 1826 Baldwin Co., Georgia; Will and testament of Samuel Kirkpatrick. Transcribed by Charles C. Chaney from a photocopy. Original spelling retained.
The last will and Testament of Samuel Kirkpatrick of the County and State aforesaid. I Samuel Kirkpatrick considering the uncertainty of this mortal life being of sound mind and memory (blessed by God, Almighty God, for the same) do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say, I leave to my beloved wife Mary Kirkpatrick the whole of my Estate both real and personal during her natural life provided she remains a widow but in case she should marry it is my desire that the whole of my Estate both real and personal Shall be equally divided between all of my children, to wit: Elizabeth Canada, James Kirkpatrick, Thomas J. Kirkpatrick, John Kirkpatrick, Elijah Kirkpatrick, Elisha Kirkpatrick, Mary Kirkpatrick and Samuel Kirkpatrick or their legal representatives. Whereas some of my children have married and left me in which case I have given them a horse, a cow & calf and a bed & furniture now it is my wish that each of my said Children should receive of my said Estate the like article as soon as they or either of them may marry with those already married that neither shall have cause of complaint against the others it being my desire that one should receive an equal pro-portion of my said Estate in every particular with the other. I hereby ap-point my beloved Wife, Mary Kirkpatrick and my son Elijah Kirkpatrick my sole Executrix and Executor of this my last will and Testament.
I witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty seventh day of September in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred & twenty five.
Samuel X Kirkpatrick (Seal)
Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Samuel Kirkpatrick to be his last will and Testament in the presents of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses in the presents of the Testator.
R.S. Griggs
John Slaughter
Ann Slaughter.
Death: 07 Mar 1826 Baldwin Co., Georgia.
Obituary: 11 Mar 1826 Baldwin Co., Georgia:
"SAMUEL KIRKPATRICK, died on the 7th last, in the 61st year of his age. He was a native of Maryland, but for 10 years had been a resident of this County for about 20 years before his death he had been a serious professor of religion, the last 8 or 10 of which were the more remarkable as during that time he was without the oversight of Church discipline; the Church of which he had been a member having been dissolved. Yet he continued the morning and evening duties in his family, and although he was unable to read, caused the holy scriptures also to be read to him. As might be expected death had no terror for his man. On his death bed as had done in health he exhorted and intreated his family and neighbors to live well and try the holy joys of his own soul, [call]ing on the Lord Jesus, he slowed them how to die; he has left a wife & eight children to lament his death."
Burial: __ ___ ____

Mary _____

Birth: 14 Nov 1773
Marriage: bef __ ___ 1795
Death: 07 May 1840
Burial: __ ___ ____

Eight Children

During the Civil War when the Yankee soldiers were marching through Alabama, she saw one of the soldiers pick up one of the children's caps. She asked the soldier if he didn't see that it was a boy's cap thinking that he would probably put it down. But he put it on his head and he marched on and said, "Well, its a man's cap now."
  Elizabeth spent her last years in the home of her daughter, Martha Jane Moseley. Her grandchildren later recalled her as a wrinkled old lady who sat in the corner and knitted. She was of a generation that never liked to sit idle.

Birth: 20 Jan 1795 Georgia.
Marriage: 02 Jan 1812 John CANADY Sr. (1787-1852); Baldwin Co., Georgia.
Son: 11 Jan 1814 James C. CANADY; Georgia.
Son: 14 Dec 1815 Samuel Kirkpatrick CANADY; Georgia.
Son: 25 Nov 1817 John CANADY Jr.; Georgia.
Dau: 16 Dec 1819 Mary CANADY; Georgia.
Dau: 16 Oct 1821 Elizer CANADY; Baldwin Co., Georgia.
Dau: 04 Jul 1825 Sarah Ann CANADY; Georgia.
Dau: 22 Aug 1827 Nancy CANADY; Georgia.
Dau: 24 Mar 1830 Elizabeth CANADY; Georgia.
Dau: 22 Feb 1832 Mary Ann CANADY; Baldwin Co., Georgia.
Son: 30 Jun 1834 Thomas Jefferson CANADY; Georgia; Tombstone inscription. 1850 census indicates birthplace is
                            GA, not AL. The 1860 census reported him being born in AL.
Dau: 22 Aug 1837 Martha Jane CANADY; Society Hill, Macon Co., Alabama.
Son: 17 Oct 1840 William J. CANADY; Macon Co., Alabama.
Cen-Enum: 24 Oct 1850 AL Macon Co. 1850 CENSUS; District 21,, Macon Co., Alabama.
Death: 28 Feb 1876 Pintlala, Montgomery Co., Alabama.
Burial: aft 28 Feb 1876 Mosely (Mosley) Cemetery. No marker,, Montgomery Co., Alabama.

Birth: 11 May 1797
Marriage: 04 Apr 1820 Lamira LANCASTER; Hancock Co., Georgia; Proof has not been established that James' wife
                                     was Lamira Lancaster although it does seem probable and is presented here as such.
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____

Birth: 11 Nov 1801
Marriage: 21 Dec 1824 Jane P. COLBERT; Baldwin Co., Georgia; Proof has not been found to confirm that his wife was
                                      Jane P. Colbert although evidence seems to indicate that this was true.
Death: 10 Sep 1826
Burial: __ ___ ____

Birth: 28 Mar 1804
Marriage: 16 Jul 1830 Betha Ann THOMPSON; Baldwin Co., Georgia.
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____

Birth: 14 Aug 1806
Marriage: __ ___ 1827 Louisa ARNOLD; Hancock Co., Georgia; His apparent marriage needs verification. An Elijah
                                     Kirkpatrick married Louisa Arnold in Hancock County, Georgia, where James Kirkpatrick, a
                                     known son of Sam Kirkpatrick, married Lamira Lancaster.
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____

Birth: 08 Feb 1809
Marriage? __ ___ ____
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____

Birth: 02 Jun 1811
Marriage: 08 Nov 1831 Wiggins W. WHITAKER ( -1857); Crawford Co., Georgia.
Son: 14 Jun 1832 Lonethus J. WHITAKER; Alabama.
Dau: 15 May 1833 Cassaline F. WHITAKER; Alabama.
Son: 16 Jan 1834 Thomas E. WHITAKER; Alabama.
Dau: 22 Aug 1836 Doindia Ann WHITAKER; Alabama.
Son: __ Aug 1840 Julius W. WHITAKER; Alabama.
Son: 04 Jan 1842 Hiram W. F. WHITAKER; Alabama.
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____

Birth: 18 Jul 1814
Marriage: 23 Dec 1834 Frances ARNOLD; Hancock Co., Georgia; This marriage needs to be verified. It is not proven
                                      that Samuel who married Frances Arnold in Hancock County, Georgia, is the brother of the James
                                      who married Lamisa Lancaster in the same county.
Death: 12 Aug 1836
Burial: __ ___ ____

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