George Phillip Kyser
son of  Hans Ulrich Kaiser & Anna Catharina Frech

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Some comments about his parents:
William Marion KYSER, son of Geo. & Emily
Posted by: April Kyle BLADH Date: March 28, 1999

April Kyle Bladh:  "My William Marion KYSER (b.15 Jan 1816 TN-d. 22 Feb 1901 in Luling, Caldwell Co.,TX) md in 1836 Elizabeth Jane ROGERS in Lowndes Co., Ala while her ROGERS & PITTMAN families was moving from Georgia to Mississippi. Elizb. was the dau. of George W. ROGERS (b.1787 GA-d. 1845 MS) and Caroline WORSHAM (b.1795 VA-d.1852 MS). I had some bad thoughts about Elizabeth for giving the wrong information that Wm Marion was b. in TN for 40 yrs. in the census', but now I know it is true because Wm's brother James was also b. in TN. Dispite our Rev. War ancestor (Wm M. gdfather)George KYSER'S (d.1802 Edgefield Co., SC) Alabama desc. I am now convinced that George Sr. is Philip George son of Hans "John" Ulrick KAISER & Anna Catherina FRECH German immigrants who came 1752 PA & 1754 to SC. If you look at the first & middle naming process in this family (4 daus. named Anna, went by 2nd name, same with sons), bro. Hans Christian land rec. in SC, the TN tie, & etc;..."

The Will of George Kyser

         Edgefield County 1787-1818 Book A - p. 245. 26 Aug. 2807.
"I, George Kyser, being weak of body but of sound and perfect mind & memory. First I give unto my beloved wife Elizabeth Kyser my negro woman Charity & 100 acres of land, four cows & calves & two work horses with my household furniture and after my wife death al the whole of the above mentioned property to be equally divided among the chn. I give to my son Philip Kyser one negro boy named Shadrick & one mare & one cow & two heifers. I also give to my son George Kyser my wagon & gear, one mare, one cow & two heifers running at Saml. Smiths. I also give to my son Jeremiah Kyser 150 acres part of the tract whereon his mother hath & one filly, one cow & calf. I also give unto my dau. Elizabeth Kyser one negro girl named Kiz. The wife to keep negroes until the chn marry or come of age. I appoint James OHarrow & my son Philip Kyser as executor.
Wit. James Blalock, Mullikew Nored, Jr., Richard V. Tear..                                      Signed George X Kyser
Proved by the oath of Richard V. Tear the 27 Oct 1807 & the same time qualified James OHarrow & Philip Kyser executors. Recorded the 18 May 1808... "

George Phillip Kyser
Family Group

George Phillip Kyser
Birth:                 circa    1750    Germany.
Marriage:           circa    1785
Death:                               __ ___ 1807    Orangeburg District, Edgefield Co., South Carolina.
Probate:             18 May 1808    Edgefield Co., South Carolina.
Father:            Hans Ulrich Kaiser.          b Zurich, Switzerland  Probable father.
Mother:           Anna Catharina Frech                                         Probale mother.

Spouse:          Elizabeth (--?--)
Name-Marr:                                               Kyser
Birth:                 circa    1762
Death:                circa    1807    Edgefield Co., South Carolina.

Nine Known Children

M         (--?--) Kyser*
Death:       before   1808

F          (--?--) Kyser*

M         James Kyser*

M         James Kyser*

M         Phillip Kyser
Birth:              circa    1780    Abbeville, Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
Son:        3 Jul 1815    George Kyser; South Carolina.
Son:      18 Jan 1816    Simeon Kyser; Edgefield Co., South Carolina.
Death:             circa    1835    Lowndes Co., Alabama.
Marriage:                           __ ___ ____    Elizabeth (--?--)

M         Jeremiah Kyser
Birth:               __ __ 1788    Abbeville, Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
Death:               6 Jan 1854    Richmond, Dallas Co., Alabama.
Marriage:                           __ ___ ____    Catherine (--?--)
Son:                                                          Malachi Kyser

M         George Washington Kyser
Birth:               __ ___ 1788    Abbeville, Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
Marriage:         circa    1809    Emily (--?--) (b. circa 1790, d. before 1832); South Carolina.
Son:       25 Dec 1811    Malachi B. Kyser; Edgefield Co., South Carolina.
Dau:       10 Dec 1813    Nancy Kyser; Abbeville, Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
Son:       22 Dec 1816    William Marion Kyser; Conecuh Co., Alabama.
Son:       23 Sep 1818    James Kyser; Conecuh Co., Alabama.
Dau:      17 Dec 1820    Elizabeth Kyser; Conecuh Co., Alabama.
Son:                                   15 Apr 1823    George Kyser; Wilcox Co., Alabama.
Marriage:         circa    1830    Elizabeth (--?--) (b. circa 1806, d. ); Alabama.
Dau:      __ Aug 1832    Rebecca T. Kyser; Wilcox Co., Alabama.
Dau:      __ Mar 1834    Martha Kyser; Wilcox Co., Alabama.
Dau:      22 Apr 1837    Emily Henrietta Kyser; Alabama.
Son:      16 Nov 1838    Simeon Kyser; Lowndes Co., Alabama.
Death:               6 Jan 1854    near, Warrenton, Dallas Co., Alabama  (Warrenton, now Richmond).

F          Elizabeth Kyser
Birth:               circa    1792    Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
Death:              after    1807

F          Nancy Kyser
Birth:               circa    1795    Abbeville, Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
Death:              after    180
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*Why have these names been reported twice in various reports?

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