George Washington Kyser
son of George Philip Kyser and Elizabeth ____
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Although he was born in Abbeville, South Carolina, his family later moved to Edgeville.  By 1815, he and his brother Jeremiah were both of age and consenting to Philip's sale of their father's land before Philip moved to Alabama.  After his first son's birth, George decided that he should look to the future and joined a party of his friends and acquaintances who were moving to the Territory of Alabama.  George established a home in Conecuh County near the present town of Burnt Corn.  The settlers were protected from Indian attack by an early fort erected by Major Warren.  The Kyser family was among those who took refuge in the fort when necessary.  Due to this trouble or to the malaria sweeping the area, George moved his family northward to Wilcox County near Pineapple.  He seems to have been a successful planter and was rather well-to-do in later years.

George was evidently a trusting, generous person for he finally lost most of his property by "going security" for his friends.  Following the annexation of Texas, most of his children moved to Texas. Malachi remained near his father.  George was beyond his adventurous stage and lived the final years near Warrenton (now, Richmond) in Dallas County, Alabama, where he died.  He had been twice married and produced ten children. --April Bladh Kyle. KIZER KRONICLES, vol. 1, pp 50-51.

George Washington Kyser
    Birth:                                 __ ___ 1788    Abbeville, Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
    Marriage 1:                  circa __ ___ 1809    Emily (--?--)South Carolina.
    Marriage 2:                  circa __ ___ 1830    Elizabeth (--?--) (b. circa 1806, d. ); Alabama.
    Death:                                  6 Jan 1854    near, Warrenton, Dallas Co., Alabama  (Warrenton, now Richmond).
    Father:             George Phillip Kyser (b. circa 1750, d. 1807)
    Mother:            Elizabeth (--?--) (b. circa 1762, d. circa 1807)

First Marriage
Emily _____

Emily (--?--)
    Name-Marr:                                               Kyser
    Name-Var:                         __ ___ ____    Emily Dennis
    Birth:                        circa __ ___ 1790    Abbeville, Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
    Death:                    before __ ___ 1832    Alabama.

    Six Known Children:
    M         Malachi B. Kyser
    Birth:                                 25 Dec 1811    Edgefield Co., South Carolina.
    Marriage:                           __ ___ 1834    Delilah Blankenship; Alabama.
    Son:                                     9 Feb 1835    William Delilah Kyser
    Marriage:                             7 Feb 1837    Amanda Dennis
    Son:                                  29 Nov 1837    James Madison Kyser
    Son:                                  23 May 1839    Samuel Dennis Kyser
    Son:                                  26 Aug 1841    George Washington Kyser
    Son:                                    16 Jul 1843    Isaac Newton Kyser
    Death:                                 29 Jul 1861    (while in Confederate Army).
    Burial:                         after 29 Jul 1861    Richmond, Dallas Co., Alabama.
    F          Nancy Kyser
    Birth:                                 10 Dec 1813    Abbeville, Abbeville Co., South Carolina.
    M         William Marion Kyser
    Birth:                                 22 Dec 1816    Conecuh Co., Alabama.
    Marriage:                          12 May 1836    Elizabeth Jane Rogers (b. 1817, d. 1889), daughter of George W.
                                                                      Rogers; Lowndes Co., Alabama.
    Son:                                   __ ___ 1845    Judge George W. Kyser; Lafayette Co., Mississippi.
    Death:                               22 Feb 1901    Luling, Caldwell Co., Texas.
    M         James Kyser
    Baptism:                            __ ___ 1818    Conecuh Co., Alabama.
    Birth:                                 23 Sep 1818    Conecuh Co., Alabama.
    Death:                               __ ___ ____    Texas.
    F          Elizabeth Kyser
    Name-Marr:                                               Lewis
    Birth:                                 17 Dec 1820    Conecuh Co., Alabama.
    Marriage:                  circa __ ___ 1840    Jack Lewis; Alabama.
    M         George Kyser
    Birth:                                 15 Apr 1823    Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Marriage:                           10 Oct 1850    Jane C. Ernest; Alabama.
    Marriage:                          23 Aug 1866    Nancy Ann Albritton (b. 25 Feb 1837, d. 5 Jan 1902); Wilcox Co.,
    Son:                                  13 Aug 1867    George Henry Kyser; Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Son:                                  23 Dec 1868    Benjamin Russell Kyser; Ackerville, Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Son:                                   28 Mar 1870    Isaac Jones Kyser; Ackerville, Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Daughter:                            3 Dec 1873    Ella Endora Kyser; Ackerville, Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Son:                                   27 Mar 1875    Albert Curry Kyser; Ackerville, Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Death:                               12 Aug 1900    Bazette, Navarro Co., Texas.

Second Marriage
Elizabeth ______

Elizabeth (--?--)
    Name-Marr:                                               Kyser
    Birth:                                circa     1806    Georgia.
    Death:                               __ ___ ____    Alabama.
    Four Known Children:
    F          Rebecca T. Kyser
    Name-Marr:                                               Vernon
    Birth:                                 __ Aug 1832    Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Marriage:                          circa  1853    E. John Vernon (b. circa 1827,          ); Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Daughter:                 circa __ ___ 1854    R. E. Vernon; Alabama.
    Daughter:                 circa __ ___ 1859    E. K. Vernon
    Death:                               __ ___ ____
    F          Martha Kyser
    Name-Marr:                                               Vernon
    Birth:                                 __ Mar 1834    Wilcox Co., Alabama.
    Marriage:                           __ ___ ____    Lou Vernon
   F          Emily Henrietta Kyser
    Birth:                                 22 Apr 1837    Alabama.
    Name-Marr:                       24 Sep 1857    Canady
    Marriage:                          24 Sep 1857    Thomas Jefferson Canady (b. 30 Jun 1834, d. 7 Dec 1892), son of
                                                                      John Canady Sr. and Elizabeth Kirkpatrick; Lowndes Co., Alabama.
    Son:                                  14 Nov 1858    John James Canady; Alabama
    Son:                                   15 Jun 1860    Francis Marion Canady; Alabama.
    Daughter:                          28 May 1866    Lula Elizabeth Canady; Alabama.
    Son:                                  24 Dec 1872    William Jefferson Canady; Robertson Co., Texas.
    Death:                                 4 Dec 1886    Robertson Co., Texas.
    Burial:                         after 4 Dec 1886    Rhodes Cemetery (unmaintained) south of Bremond, Robertson Co., Texas.
    M         Simeon Kyser
    Birth:                                 16 Nov 1838    Lowndes Co., Alabama.
    Death:                    before __ ___ 1850    Alabama.

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