Rev. William Robberson Saye
Betsy Jane Mitchell
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William Robberson Saye was twelve or thirteen years old when his family left Tennessee. They settled on a farm near Cave Springs, Greene Co., Missouri. He served in Company K, 3rd Missouri Mounted Volunteers as a private during the Mexican War. In the Civil War, while serving in the Confederate Army, his family moved to Texas by ox cart where they settled on a farm south of Savoy in Fannin County. At some time he had become a doctor as did his first cousin, Edwin T. Robberson, who lived in Springfield, Missouri. After the War, William went to join his family where they lived on the farm for a short time before moving into the town of Savoy. They had in a small frame house that was still standing and occupied (not by family descendants) in 1970, right. He continued to practice his profession until retirement. He died in his sleep at his home in Savoy and was buried the following day in Sunnyside Cemetery just north of Savoy.
     Some years after Betsy Jane's marriage the family moved to Texas. A family story reports that a cyclone struck the family house and destroyed it. She was not found until the following day suffering from broken ribs and a broken collar bone. In old age, at least, she smoked a corncob pipe that she liked to light with an ember from a fire. While living in the small frame house in Savoy she often baby-sat neighborhood children. In 1904, she suffered a broken hip that resulted in her being an invalid for several years. She died in 1911 and was buried next to Dr. Saye in Sunnyside Cemetery in Savoy.

William Robberson SAYE
Birth: 27 Nov 1820 Bedford Co., TN
Death: 07 May 1906 Savoy, Fannin Co., TX
Burial: 08 May 1906 Savoy, Fannin Co., TX
Father: Richard SAYE (1801-1870)
Mother: Elizabeth ROBBERSON (1801-1852)

Marriage: 01 Jul 1841 Polk Co., MO

Elizabeth Jane "Betsy Jane" MITCHELL [More on her lineage-off site]
Birth: 03 Mar 1825 TN
Death: 01 Mar 1911 Savoy, Fannin Co., TX
Burial: a 01 Mar 1911 Savoy, Fannin Co., TX
Father: Jesse Mitchell (1708-1854)
Mother: Providence Norwood (1800-1881)


1/M Wesley B. SAYE
Birth: c __ ___ 1844 MO
Death: __ ___ ____

2/F Mary A. SAYE
Birth:  circa 1845 MO
Marriage: __ ___ ____ Dan EVANS
Son: Fred EVANS
Son: Newton EVANS
Son: W. L. EVANS
Son: Edward EVANS
Son: Franklin EVANS

3/M Jesse Richard 'Dick' SAYE
Birth: 31 Mar 1850
Marriage: 23 Jan 1871 Mary WARE ( -1954)
Son: 26 Dec 1871 John W. SAYE
Marriage: after 1873 Mary Frances CRABB (1855- )
Son: 08 Jun 1873 Robert Wesley SAYE
Marriage: after 1880 Mary Amanda MORELAND (1857-1899
Son: 19 Nov 1880 Benjamin Franklin SAYE Sr; Duncan, Stephen Co., OK.
Son:  circa 1885 Clarence SAYE; Collin Co., TX
Son: 13 Nov 1886 Laurence Noel SAYE Sr; Collin Co., TX
Son: 20 Oct 1888 Oscar Neal SAYE
Son: 14 Sep 1890 William Robberson SAYE; Collin Co?, TX
Dau: 18 May 1902 Laura Helen SAYE
Death: 07 Apr 1925 Savoy, Fannin Co., TX

4/M Willam Leeper SAYE Sr
Birth: 11 Aug 1855
Marriage: b __ ___ 1902 Lula B. VAMBLE WellsLaura Helen SAYE Willam Leeper SAYE Sr
Marriage: b __ ___ 1879 (--?--)(--?--) (1858-1913)
Dau: 06 Apr 1879 Dona SAYE
Son:  06 Dec 1885 Dr. William Leeper SAYE Jr
Death: 10 Dec 1902; Collin Co?, TX

5/F Molly SAYE
Birth: c __ ___ 1856

6/F Laura Providence SAYE
Birth: 05 Apr 1857 Greene? Co., MO
Marriage: 22 Jul 1875 James Thomas 'Tom' DAMRON (1852-1934), son of
John Henry DAMRON and Mary Elizabeth MELUGIN;
Bonham, Fannin Co TX
Dau: 16 Apr 1877 Sallie Elizabeth DAMRON; Brown Co., TX
Dau: 14 Jan 1879 Ida R. DAMRON; TX
Dau: 29 Sep 1883 Son: 18 Sep 1885
Son: 20 Mar 1881 John W. DAMRON
Dau: 29 Sep 1883 Emmie Joe DAMRON Wesley A. DAMRON; TX

Dau: 09 Jul 1889 Lillian Petrous DAMRON; Brown Co., TX
Dau: 03 Aug 1889 Alice Routh 'Allie' DAMRON; TX
Son: 12 Mar 1894 Pascal Campbell DAMRON; Brown Co., TX
???: 12 Mar 1894 (child) DAMRON
Burial: __ Nov 1931 Zephyr, Brown Co., TX
Death:  15 Nov 1931 Zephyr, Brown Co., TX

7/M Jonathan Frank SAYE
Birth:   circa 1859 MO
Death:  15 May 1896 Sherman, Grayson Co., TX
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