Chaney Families of  Northwest Arkansas

A genealogical page about Chaneys of  Arkansas

There are at least two Chaney lines that lived in Carroll County, Arkansas:  Many descendants moved to Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, California and other states.

Most are descendants of Francis and Sarah (Aurich) Chaney who lived in Randolph County, North Carolina.  Francis was born c1717, died after 1804. These are those whose lineage goes back to William and Sarah (Scott) Chaney who were married in Wayne County, Kentucky:

Francis Chaney & Sarah Aurick family of Randolph County, North Carolina
William & Sarah (Scott) Chaney family of Carroll Co., & Montgomery Co., AR
Waid Hampton Chaney & Granville Hawkins Chaney, of Carroll Co., AR

A smaller Chaney group includes four brothers whose line shows that the family had lived in Indiana c1830 then in Missouri c1840.  When they arrived in Carroll County they were apparently recognized as relatives by the large group of Chaneys in Carroll County although this was apparently only because the groups shared the same surname.  (See Yahoo! Groups link below.)

The Four Chaney brothers of Carroll Co., AR

Links to sites specific to Arkansas Chaney lines:

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Links to miscellaneous sites:

Arkansas Gen Web Project
Carroll County Historical and Genealogical Society
        includes a list of cemeteries, many with Chaneys 

A history of the Chaney name and a Chaney coat of arms


Yahoo! Group:   Hosea Chaney, Ancestors and Descendents.

This group focuses on the genealogy of the four Chaney brothers (Robert, Hosea, Ninevah and Hezekiah) and their sister Zuritha/Zooritha (Chaney) Clark who descend from Hosea Chaney son of Hezekiah Chaney who died in Wythe County, Virginia, in 1813.  This group of Chaney's lived in Carroll County, Arkansas, from about 1850 on, with some moving on to Oklahoma and Texas.  Zuritha who married James Clark moved to Coryell County, Texas, by 1860.  Hezekiah moved to Bell County, Texas (adjacent to Coryell), about 1889.

They are not connected, at least not closely, with the other Chaney's in Carroll County who, for the most part, descend from William Chaney and Sarah Scott.

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