Hosea Chaney
c1830 - 1864

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Hosea CHANEY.1,2

Jesse Gerald Chaney recalled that his father, Marvel Stone Chaney, mentioned Uncle "Hosie."  Hosea appears in the 1860 census residing between Robert "Bob" and Hezekiah "Kye" Chaney. In this census, as well as the one for 1870, Bob's place of birth is recorded as Indiana as is the birthplace as Hosea's. Research by Jesse Gerald Chaney revealed that Hosea died of typhoid fever in a Union prison at Little Rock, Arkansas, during the Civil war.

In the 1852 tax list for Carroll Co., Arkansas, appears "Hosa" Chaney at Osage South in the southwest part of the county. This is the same area as John Dennis Chaney and James Chisom Chaney. It is uncertain but this is probably Hosea Chaney, brother of Robert, Hezekiah and Ninevah although it could well be their father, Hosea.

Hosea and Malinda appear to in the 1860 census of Carroll Co., Arkansas, in a house adjacent to Hezekiah and Robert Chaney. That census shows Frances J. Chaney in that household with Hosea as his daughter, age 7. Malinda is reported to be 20! Descendants of Hosea and Malinda Tomlinson report that they had three sons and a daughter named Fannie by a previous marriage. After Hosea's death, Malinda moved to Madison County, Arkansas, then to Missouri, where she remarried.

He served in the Army of the Confederate States of America.  He died of typhoid fever at the United States Prisoner of War hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.  His name was recorded as Hoseah Chaney.
Birth:         circa     1830 Indiana.3
Marriage 1: __ ___ ____  _____ _____ This marriage is implied by the 1860 census of Hosea in which a daughter is enumerated
but his wife is too young to be the girl's mother. Family tradition does recognize that Frances was a half-sister to
the sons of Hosea and Malinda.4,5
Marriage 2: __ ___ ____ Malinda Ann TOMLINSON (1840- )6,7,8,9,10
Death:        23 Sep 1864 United States Prisoner of War hospital, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas. Died of typhoid fever while in
Union prisoner of war hospital.11,12
Father:  Hosea CHANEY ( -c1842)
Mother: Sarah A. Golden (1795-1870)

First Marriage
Name unknown.
She is not listed in the 1860 census but her existence is implied by the presence of a daughter who could not be from the marriage to the wife in that census who would not be old enough. Descendants of children of Hosea and Malinda mention that they had a half-sister named Frances J.13

One Child:

1/F Frances J. CHANEY14,15
Birth:       circa     1853 Arkansas16,17

Second Marriage

Hosea CHANEY.18,19
Birth:         circa     1830   Indiana.20
Marriage 1: __ ___ ____   _____ _____21,22
Marriage 2: __ ___ ____  
Malinda Ann TOMLINSON 23,24,25,26,27
Death:        23 Sep 1864   United States Prisoner of War hospital, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas. Died of typhoid fever while in a
Union prisoner of war hospital.28,29
Father:  Hosea CHANEY ( -c1842)
Mother: Sarah A. Golden (1795-1870)

 Malinda Ann TOMLINSON30,31,32,33
Birth:         circa     1840    Tennessee or Illinois.34,35
Marriage 2:  __ ___ ____    _____ COMBS36
Father:   James R. TOMLINSON (1801- )
Mother: Irene ALLEN (1812- )

Three Children:

2/M James Robert CHANEY.37,38,39
Bob, as he was called, lived in the tri-state area (Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma) living most of his life in McDonald County, Missouri. He worked in the lead and zinc mines for many of those approximately seventy years.

He was also licensed to preach by the Carterville, Missouri, Baptist Church. He married Susan Elizabeth Denton and to their union was born nine children. (Another source states that they had ten children.) Seven were live births. All but one of those seven stayed in McDonald County either in Anderson, MO or east of Anderson.--J. R. Chaney, Jefferson City, Missouri. September 1999.

An Obituary written by J. R. Chaney prior to his death: J.R. professed his faith in Christ and joined the Baptist Church at Carterville, MO, in 1887, and in 1894 was licensed to the ministry by the Carterville Church.

Funeral Services were conducted at the Anderson Baptist Church. Rev. N. O. Hornsby of Goodman, Mo. performed the services.
Birth:          26 Oct 1860   near, Berryville, Carroll Co., Arkansas40,41
Marriage 1:  07 Jan 1883   Susan Elizabeth DENTON (1866-1952). Anderson, McDonald Co., Missouri42,43
Marriage 2: 11 Aug 1911   Leola KEELER44
Death:         30 Sep 1930   Freeman Hospital, Joplin, Jasper Co., Missouri45,46
Burial:         01 Oct 1930   Anderson Cemetery, Anderson, McDonald Co., Missouri47,48

3/M Sterling P. CHANEY49,50
Birth:          before   1864 51
Marriage:    31 May 1882   Nettie SEIGMAN (1864- ). Cherokee Co., Kansas. Verification is needed that this is Sterling P. Chaney.52


Birth:          before   1864 55

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