Hosea Chaney Sr.
(c1795 - c1855)

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Hosea CHANEY Sr.
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He was born sometime between 1793 and 1796 in Wythe County, Virginia.  When his father died in 1813, Hosea was listed as an "infant" which meant that he was not yet 21 years old.  In March 1814, a piece of the property that he had inherited from his father was being sold, his guardian, Rev. John Stanger, acted for him since was still not of age.  Since he was to marry in 1817, he would have to have been of age by then.

In the 1880 census of his son, Robert, listed his father's state of birth as North Carolina  Another son, Hezekiah, gave the state as Tennessee. In 1900, the census record of Hezekiah listed the state to be Missouri.  It most likely that he was born in Wythe County, Virginia.  Hosea had evidently died before 1860 and time was taking its toll on the memory of his sons.

In the 1840 census of Newton County, Missouri, it was indicated that he was born c1800).1, 2, 3, 4
Marr Bond:    11 Feb 1817    Surry County, North Carolina (The bondsman was Gias Cave).5, 6
Marriage:       __ Feb 1817    Surry County, North Carolina.7, 8, 9
after     1852    No record of his death has been located.  His widow was living with his sons in Carroll County, Arkansas,
in 1860 and 1870.  He evidently was not living at that time.  A family tradition has the brothers moving to Central Texas just before 1850 but it is not known if he was with them.  None of the family has been located in the 1850 census.  A "Hosa" Chaney appeared on a Carroll County tax list but it is unclear if this was him or his son of the same name.10
Father:     Hezekiah CHANEY Sr. (b. 1742, d. Feb 1813)
Mother:    Jane (_____)

Name-Var:   Sarah GOLDING
Birth:           circa    1795  
North Carolina.8, 9  (some records claim 180011)

Marr Bond:   11 Feb 1817    Surry County, North Carolina (The bondsman was Gias Cave).5, 6
Marriage:      __ Feb 1817    Surry County, North Carolina.
78, 9
Death:          after     1870    Arkansas.
Father:     William W. GOLDING (b. between 1766 and 1784, d. after 24 Sep 1823)
Mother:    Elizabeth GENTRY (b. between 1760 and 1780,          )

Ten? Children

M    _____ CHANEY
Birth:           circa    182013  

F    Zuritha R. CHANEY
Name-Nick:      Zoe
Name-Var:       Zooritha R. CHANEY
Birth:            27 Dec 1821    Kentucky.14  
Marriage:      10 Mar 1839    Elisha Price CLARK (b. 9 Dec 1814, d. 31 Jan 1889), son of William CLARK
and Margaret McMURRAY. Barry County, Missouri.15, 14
Son:      circa    1840    William Thomas CLARK. Newton County, Missouri.16, 17
Dau:     circa    1842    Sarah Jane CLARK. Missouri.  The August 1850 census recorded her age as 8 years indicating her
being born in 1842.  The June 1880 census lists her age as 36.  The 1900 census shows Feb 1833 for her birth but it appears that her age was originally written as 57 then written over with 67.  The 1910 census shows her to be 67 years old).16, 18, 19, 20
Son:      circa    1844    James C. CLARK. Missouri.16
Dau:     circa    1846    Elizabeth T. CLARK. Missouri.16
Son:       4 Dec 1849    Robert C. CLARK. McDonald County, Missouri.14
Son:         1 Jul 1853    John Cornet CLARK Sr. McDonald County, Missouri.21 22
Dau:       5 Feb 1856     Rebecca CLARK. Carroll County, Arkansas.23, 22
Dau:       22 Jul 1857    Arminda Cornelia CLARK. Carroll County, Arkansas.17, 22
Son:      15 Apr 1860    Newton Lafayette CLARK. Coryell County, Texas.14
Dau:     circa    1862    Laura Bell CLARK. Arkansas.24 25
Death:            4 Apr 1898    Coryell County, Texas.14
Burial:          __ Apr 1898    Coffey Cemetery, Coryell County, Texas.23

M    Robert CHANEY
Name-Nick:    Bob.  He has been recorded with a middle initial "D." and also "E."
Birth:           circa    1825    Indiana (His place of birth has also been recorded to be Kentucky).26
Marriage 1:  circa    1847    Mary Ann SKAGGS (b. circa 1827, d. after 20 Aug 1868)27 28
Dau:     circa    1848    Sarah Jane CHANEY. Arkansas.28, 26
Dau:    17 May 1852    Lucinda Jane CHANEY. Texas.24, 28
Son:        1 Jul 1853    Christopher Columbus CHANEY. Green Forest, Carroll County, Arkansas.29, 28
Son:       1 Jan 1860     William Wesley CHANEY. Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas.28
Dau:    __ Apr 1865     Florenz Catherine CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas.28
Son:    20 Aug 1868     Marvel Stone CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas.28, 12, 30
Marriage 2:    27 Nov 1869    Margaret A. LEWIS (b. circa 1835, d. ___). Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas.31
Dau:    29 Dec 1870     Arminda D. CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas (1900 census records birth as October 1871).32, 28
Marriage 3:    23 Sep 1877    Eliza A. MORRISON (b. 9 Jan 1838, d. 21 Aug 1920). Carroll County, Arkansas.33
Dau:     19 Jun 1879     Mary Ann CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas.28
Son:     31 Jan 1881     Archie Crill CHANEY. Green Forest, Carroll County, Arkansas.28
Dau:    11 Feb 1883     Pearl Golden CHANEY. Rule, Carroll County, Arkansas.28
Death:    26 Mar 1891    Carroll County, Arkansas.34, 28
Burial:    after 26 Mar 1891    Rule Cemetery, Rule, Carroll County, Arkansas.28, 34
Probate:    19 Apr 1893    Carroll County, Arkansas.35

M    (_____) CHANEY
Birth:            circa    182613

M    (_____) CHANEY
Birth:            circa    182713

F    (_____) CHANEY
Birth:            circa    182813

M    Hosea CHANEY Jr.
Name-Var:    Hosa or Hosie
Birth:            circa    1830    Indiana.36
Marriage:     __ ___ ____     _____ _____ (This marriage is implied by the 1860 census of Hosea in which a daughter is
enumerated but his wife is too young to be the girl's mother.  Family tradition does recognize that Frances was a half-sister to the sons of Hosea and Malinda).36, 37
Dau:     circa    1853    Frances J. CHANEY. Arkansas.38, 39
Marriage:      before  1860    Malinda Ann TOMLINSON (b. circa 1840,          ), daughter of James R. TOMLINSON and
Irene ALLEN.28, 12, 36, 40, 39
Son:      26 Oct 1860    James Robert CHANEY. Berryville, Carroll County, Arkansas.40, 39, 41
Son:      circa    1862    Sterling P. CHANEY. Arkansas.39, 42
Son:      before  1864    Thomas Nineveh CHANEY. Arkansas.39, 42
Death:    23 Sep 1864   United States Prisoner of War hospital, Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas (of typhoid fever).40, 12, 43, 44

F    (_____) CHANEY
Birth:            1835 - 184013

M    Hezekiah CHANEY

Name-Nick:   Kye
Birth:            25 Dec 1835    Missouri.30,45
Marriage:      circa     1859    L. Paulina Frances "Fanny" GOAD b. 6 Mar 1845, d. 9 Jul 1904), daughter of Ephraim GOAD
Susannah W. JESTER. Carroll County, Arkansas.46, 47
Son:       9 Aug 1860    John Wesley CHANEY Sr.. Carroll County, Arkansas He did not appear in the census taken on
12 September 1860 which indicates that he was born later than 9 August 1860).30, 3, 45, 48
Son:     18 Mar 1863    William Nineveh CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas.49, 30, 50
Son:     circa    1865    Andrew William CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas Carroll Co., AR census 1870 & 1880).50
Dau:     circa    1866    Nancy A. CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas.50
Dau:     23 Oct 1866    Sarah Lou Phebe CHANEY. Green Forest, Carroll County, Arkansa. Obituary from unidentified
newspaper).30, 28
Dau:    __ Aug 1870    Catherine CHANEY. Arkansas and was listed as being 10 years old in the 1880 census but did not
appear in the 1870 census taken on 2 August.  This indicates that she must have been born after 2 August 1870).28, 50
Dau:     18 Apr 1879    Martha Jane CHANEY. Johnson County, Texas 1880 census indicates year was 1877.  Although
Martha Jane Chaney Akin's death certificate records her year of birth as 1877, the 1880 census states her age, in June, as one year. This indicates that her actual year of birth probably was 1878.  This is strengthened by the fact that her brother Robert was 9 months old, born in August, when the 1880 census was taken in June).30, 51, 50
Son:     __ Aug 1879    Robert E. CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas The 1880 census records that he was 9 months old in
June having been born in August).50
Son:     10 Mar 1881    Harrison Kye CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas.52
Son:     25 Sep 1882    George Ellis CHANEY. Green Forest, Carroll County, Arkansas.30, 53
Dau:     circa    1884    Mary CHANEY. Carroll County, Arkansas.28
Dau:    31 Aug 1886    Zettie Rosa CHANEY. Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.28, 54, 55
Death:    20 May 1907    McLennan County, Texas.49, 30
Burial:    __ May 1907    Moody Cemetery, Moody, McLennan County, Texas.49

M    Nineveh CHANEY
Name-Nick:    Bud
Birth:            circa    1842    Missouri.9
Death:           __ ___ 1863    Carroll County, Arkansas. He had enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private. On 7 December 1862
at the Battle of Prairie Grove (about 10 miles west of Fayetteville, Arkansas) he was seriously wounded resulting in the amputation of a leg.  He came home only to be shot and killed by "Bushwhackers" raiding the area..56, 12, 57
Burial:           __ ___ 1863    Rule Cemetery, Rule, Carroll County, Arkansas.  His tombstone reads only "Bud Chaney passed away
49, 56, 12, 57
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