Ninevah "Bud" Chaney

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Ninevah "Bud" Chaney1

The family tradition is that Bud, although he served in the Confederate Army.  He had lost a leg and was at home when he was attacked by Bushwhackers. These roving bands of men generally supported neither side in the conflict but preyed upon both sides, looting the land and often killing anyone who got in their way. Bud hid in a cave but was found and shot down. The women claimed his body and buried him in the Rule Cemetery. ---Jesse Gerald Chaney, Sr;

Birth: cir __ ___ 1842, MO.2
Death: __ ___ 1863, Carroll Co., AR.3,4
Burial: __ ___ 1863, Rule, Carroll Co., AR. His tombstone records him only as Bud Chaney.5,6
Father:   Hosea Chaney (___ - before 1860)
Mother:  Sarah A. Golden (1795-1870)


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