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Sarah Jane Clark Cross
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Sarah Jane CLARK

Jesse Gerald Chaney recalled his father, Marble Stone Chaney, mentioning "Aunt Jane" and her husband Bill “Uncle Bud” Cross.  In the late 1880s Marble Stone Chaney and his brother Christopher Columbus Chaney reportedly went to stay with them in Oklahoma.  Their father had remarried and they did not get along with their new step-mother.  After a short time the brothers went to Texas.  Marvel settled in southern McLennan County, where other Chaney relatives had settled.  Among them was his uncle Hezekiah “Kye” Chaney.  Christopher eventually settled in Eastland County, Texas.  It is know known that William M. Cross and his wife Sarah J. Clark lived in Carroll County, Arkansas, and later in Coryell County, Texas.  Sarah J. Clark was the daughter of Zuritha Chaney who married Elisha Price Clark.  This family appears in several census records in close proximity to the Four Brothers.  Marvel Stone Chaney was born in 1868 while Sarah J. Clark was born in 1842.  In this family, it was customary to refer to older cousins as "aunt" or "uncle."

Name-Var:    __ ___ ____    Jane CHANEY
circa    1842    Missouri (The August 1850 census recorded her age as 8 years indicating her being born in 1842.  The June 1880 census lists her age as
36.  The 1900 census shows Feb 1833 for her birth but it appears that her age was originally written as 57 then written over with 67.  The 1910 census shows her to be 67 years old).1,2,3,4
Marriage:    circa    1861    (The 1910 census reports them as being married 49 years although the 1900 census seems to report 31 years).3,4,5
Death:          8 Feb 1917    Coryell County, Texas (She was indexed as Mrs. Wiliam [sic] Cross, age 75 years).6
Father:     Elisha Price CLARK  (b. 9 Dec 1814, d. 31 Jan 1889)
Mother:    Zuritha R. CHANEY (b. 27 Dec 1821, d. 4 Apr 1898)

William Marion CROSS
Name-Var:    Bill CROSS
Name-Nick:        Bud
Birth:          12 Apr 1838    Tennessee (The 1880 census of reported him to be 42 years old.  In the census of 15 April 1910 he was recorded to be 71 years
Death:         23 Jun 1917    Gatesville, Coryell County, Texas.7,9
Burial:         24 Jun 1917    Gatesville City Cemetery, Gatesville, Coryell County, Texas.7,9
 Father:    William Cross9
Mother:    ____ Hicks9

Three Known Children

M    William Henry CROSS
Name-Var:    __ ___ ____    William M. CROSS
Birth:          25 Nov 1861    Arkansas.3
Marriage:      2 Sep 1883    Thursa Louise BROMLEY (b. 13 Oct 1868, d. 12 Apr 1929); Coryell County, Texas.7
Death:          15 Jul 1893   Coryell City, Coryell County, Texas.7

?    (--?--) CROSS
Birth:           after      1861    8
Death:          before  1900    (Sarah had three children but only one was living by 1900 according to the 1900 census. The 1910 census verifies this).2,4

M    James R. CROSS
Name-Var:      James A. CROSS
Birth:           circa    1864    Arkansas.  In the 1900 census his mother had borne three children but only one was living.  It is known that James was living in
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been born after 1861 and before 1900.

9. Texas death certificate, Coryell County, #1354.  W. M. Cross.

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