Aaron Springfield
1820 - 1847
Family Group

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Birth:          1820-1821 Jackson Co., Georgia.4
Marriage:    12 Aug 1840 Murray Co., Georgia. The marriage was performed by John Lemming, J.P.5
Death:   bef 19 Oct 1847 Murray Co., Georgia.6
Burial:        __ Oct 1847 Wilbanks-Reed Cemetery on Old Federal Road, Chatsworth, Murray Co., Georgia.
Family tradition holds that he was buried in the Wilbanks-Reed Cemetery on Old Federal Road near Chatfield, Georgia. Although there is no marker for his grave, a tradition is that a large cedar tree grows from his grave. There is indeed a cedar tree growing apparently from a grave along side other family members.7
Father:     Hugh SPRINGFIELD Sr. (1797-1849) son of Thomas Springfield & Laodicea Langston
Mother:    Martha Ann SPRINGFIELD (1799- ) daughter of Aaron Springfield & Elizabeth Potts

Emaline RollinsEmaline ROLLINS8
Birth:          17 Jan 1824 North Carolina. Tombstone inscription appears to show 1821. The 1860 census show
her to be 36 years old.9,10,11
Marriage 2: 27 Nov 1856 Ransom JOHNSON (1816- ). Murray Co., Georgia.  The marriage was performed
by I. H. Leonard, J.P.12,13
Death:          07 Jul 1908 Texas.14,15
Burial:    aft 07 Jul 1908 Moody Cemetery, Moody, McLennan Co., Texas.16,17,18
Father:     George ROLLINS (1766-1850)
Mother:    Elizabeth ARNOLD (1783-1850)

Five Children
Birth:          circa    1842 Georgia.20
Marriage:    13 Oct 1857 William Henry SPRINGFIELD (1836- ). Murray Co., Georgia.The marriage was performed by
Robert Woods, J. P.21,22
Dau:     24 Dec 1861    Hattie E. SPRINGFIELD. Georgia.23,24
Son:     circa     1864    Henry Polk SPRINGFIELD. Georgia.25
Son:     circa    1865     George SPRINGFIELD. Georgia.26
Dau:     circa    1868    Lula SPRINGFIELD. Georgia.27
Son:     circa    1869     James SPRINGFIELD. Georgia.28
Son:     circa    1871     Hugh SPRINGFIELD. Murray Co., Georgia.29,30
Son:     circa    1872     Willie SPRINGFIELD. Georgia.31
Dau:     circa    1875    Susan SPRINGFIELD. Georgia.32
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____

2F Harriet A. SPRINGFIELD33,34,35,36
Birth:          circa    1845 Georgia.37,38
Son:     circa    1868 Charles BRIDGES. Georgia.39
Marriage:     30 Dec 1869 William L. BRIDGES (1844- ). Whitfield Co., Georgia. The date may be for the license as another
record shows the date of marriage to be 2 January 1870.40,41,42,43
Death: __ ___ ____
Burial: __ ___ ____

Emaline3/F Dorcas Elizabeth SPRINGFIELD44,45
Birth:          14 Feb 1848 Murray Co., Georgia. 1870 & 1880 Census, Whitfield Co., GA indicate that her year of birth was probably 1847. Her tombstone records the birthdate as 14 Feb 1848.46,47,48,49
Marriage:    bef __ ___ 1866 Andrew Jackson REED (1840-1896)50
Dau:     01 Oct 1866   Alice Jane REED. Murray Co., Georgia.51,52,53
Son:     __ Jan 1869     Joseph Aaron REED Sr.. Whitfield Co., Georgia. His father's family was
   innumerated twice in 1870.54,55,56
Son:     15 Apr 1871    William Joseph REED. Dalton, Whitfield Co., Georgia.57,58,59
Son:    circa    1873     Robert L. REED. Georgia.60
Dau:     04 Jun 1875    Hattie Bell REED. Georgia.61,62
Dau:     14 Aug 1877   Emmy Magnolia Conley REED. Murray Co., Georgia. 1880 Census,
                                     East Dalton, Whitfield Co., GA, indicates year as 1876.

Son:     __ Sep 1879     Jimmie REED. Dalton, Whitfield Co., Georgia. 1880 Census, East Dalton, Whitfield Co., GA.65
Dau:     12 Feb 1882    Cora REED. Dalton, Whitfield Co., Georgia.66,67
Dau:     12 Feb 1882    Ora Lee REED. Dalton, Whitfield Co., Georgia.68,69
Dau:     22 May 1884   Lizzie May REED. Murray Co., Georgia.70,71
Dau:     22 Jan 1886     Mary Ada REED. Murray Co., Georgia.72,73,74
Son:     30 May 1889    Fred REED. McLennan Co., Texas. It is possible that he was born in Murray County, Georgia before
                                      the family left for Texas.

Son:     30 May 1889    Ed REED. Murray Co, GA or Moody, McLennan Co., Texas.78
Dau:     20 May 1891    Jessie C. REED79,80
Death: 27 Mar 1894 Moody, McLennan Co., Texas.81,82,83
Burial: aft 27 Mar 1894 Moody Cemetery, Moody, McLennan Co., Texas. Her name is spelled Elisabeth on her tombstone.84,85

How can she be Aaron's daughter if he died c1848?  Is she a child of Ransom Johnson by a previous marriage?86,87,88

Birth:          circa    1852 Georgia.89
Marriage:    03 Oct 1867 William H. HAIGOOD. Murray Co., Georgia. The marriage was performed by Bennett Springfield, J.P.90,91
Dau:     circa    1869    Alice HAIGOOD. Georgia.92
Son:     26 Feb 1892     Carl B. HAIGOOD93
Son:     __ ___ ____     Hugh HAIGOOD
Son:     __ ___ ____     Charlie HAIGOOD
Son:     __ ___ ____     Jimmie HAIGOOD
Son:     __ ___ ____     William F. HAIGOOD
Dau:     __ ___ ____     Elizabeth HAIGOOD
Death:          __ ___ ____
Burial:          __ ___ ____

He is listed as Robert Johnson in the 1860 census. Is he a child of Ransom Johnson by a previous marriage?.94,95
Birth:           circa    1854 Georgia.96,97
Death:          __ ___ ____
Burial:         __ ___ ____

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